About Us

“Araratardshintrest”  was one of  the most authoritative construction organizations  of  Soviet Armenia. The emerging of its history dates on 1983 when cement factory building was founded in Ararat. The construction had a great economical  importance for that period of time. During that complicated construction realization proccess the company was headed by such famous constructers as Gagik Martirosyan, Arthur Karapetyan, Aram Harutyunyan.

In 1994 Gagik Martirosyan became the director of the company who after privatization continued the history of the legendary company with new spirit  and quality.
Even in difficult period of time the company didn\'t stop its work.
Keeping inherited from his successor, “Araratardshintrest”, human resourses: experienced and skilled professionals, as well as the technical base, the company, already renamed in “Araratshin”, with new economical power, headed by experienced professional Gagik Tovmasyan, forced all its abilities to establish long-term collaboration and further development in new economical conditions. “When I build something I think that I build it for me”.